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Anke Chen (Yiyi), Grand Prize winner of 2022 Pacific-Stars International Piano Competition Professional Junior Category. The judge of the competition, Antonio Pompa-Baldi, a distinguished professor at the Cleveland Institute of Music, commented: Anke is undoubtedly gifted, she has great personality, infectious joyfulness when performing, and impressive skills. And the most important thing is her innate musicality, and her naturalness at the instrument.

Born on January 1, 2011, in 2015, when she was only four years old and only two months into learning the piano, she attracted attention from all over the world with a series of shocking and excellent performances. In just one year, she has appeared on more than ten variety shows of world-renowned media such as "The Ellen Show" and “the little big shots” and played the piano in the shows. Afterwards, she continued to appear on the CCTV Network Spring Festival Gala, Hunan Satellite TV "Happy Camp" and other well-known domestic TV shows. And almost all of those videos became a hit.

After that, Anke kept her classical music studying seriously. In the past two years, Anke has held solo and collaborative concerts in important venues such as Nanjing Poly Grand Theater, Nanjing Culture and Art Center, Hefei Poly Grand Theater, and has been invited to participate in the "Future Pianist" music festival for two consecutive years. TV station, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase and other important domestic media continue to pay attention and report.

Anke learned from Professor Feng Zhang of Tianjin Conservatory of Music from 2015. Right now, she is learning with concert pianist Mutian Cui.

Anke Chen's Performance 1

Anke Chen's Performance 2

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