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Fang-Ching Tu


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Fang-Ching Tu is a successful concert pianist and a great educator. She was the recipient of Henry Morton Dunham Organ Scholarship Fund and NEC Beneficent Society Scholarship while pursuing her Master’s degree and Graduate Diploma at New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. Ms.Tu was studying under Veronica Jochum, the daughter of prestigious conductor Eugen Jochum, and Randall Hodgkinson, the winner of International American Music Competition sponsored by Carnegie Hall and the Rockefeller Foundation. 

As a concert pianist, Fang-Ching Tu has received critical acclaim for her performances around the world. She has played with many renowned orchestras, including Filarmonica de Stat Transilvania in Cluj, Romania, and National Taiwan Normal University Orchestra. She has also been a featured soloist at numerous music festivals, such as the Seattle International Piano Competition Festival and the Royal College of Music Piano Festival. Fang-Ching Tu is particularly known for her interpretations of Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, and Mozart, as well as her performances of contemporary music such as the works from Messiaen, Roger Sessions, and Anton Webern.

Fang-Ching Tu's success as a concert pianist is due to her impeccable technique, musicality, and sensitivity. Her playing is characterized by its fluidity, grace, and expressiveness. She has a deep understanding of the emotional and technical aspects of music, and her performances are marked by a rare combination of technical mastery and emotional depth.

As an educator, Fang-Ching Tu is highly regarded for her dedication, expertise, and ability to inspire her students. She is an active member of Music Teacher Association of Music in California, and has guided numerous students passed the Certificate of Merit evaluation held by MTAC and Performance Grades exam held by ABRSM. Her students also had been selected as winners in several competitions such as MTAC-OC theme festival and Southwestern Youth Music Festival.

As a highly accomplished musician and educator who has made significant contributions to the world of classical music, Fang-Ching Tu’s outstanding performances and dedicated teaching have inspired and influenced countless young musicians and musical audiences around the world.

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