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    7-years-old Thai, born in U.S., Natchanok Chonlacoop started learning piano at the age of 3. She has been under tutelage of Dr. Pornphan Banternghansa and Ms. Nardvadee Suthisomboon since 2019 in Thailand. 
   At her young age, she has achieved an array of musical accomplishments; for instance, her achievements include First Prize Winner from The American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition 2022, Gold Medal from The 22nd AADGT International Young Musicians 
Festival, Gold Prize winner from Chicago International Music Competition and Festival 2021, First Place Winner and judges’ best performance award from 2022 Vienna Virtuoso Music Competition, 2nd Prize from 2022 London Classical Music Competition, Gold Prize from Osaka International 
Music Competition 2021, Gold Medal Absolute Artist of the Year Prize from International Youth Music Competitions 2021, Platinum and Best Youngest Virtuoso Award from WPTA SINGAPORE International Piano Competition 2021, Gold Prize from The Inaugural WPTA Indonesia 
International Piano Competition 2021 (Indonesia), Gold Prize from World Classical Music Award 2021, Platinum and Best Youngest Virtuoso Award from WPTA SINGAPORE International Piano Competition 2021. 
   In order to improve her piano skills, Natchanok has joined various masterclasses conducted by professors and renowned pianists, such as Prof. Dr. Rolf Dieter Arens; former Dean, Franz Liszt Hochschule, Weimar, Germany and Dr. Sang Woo Kang Professor from Providence College, Department of Music and many renown pianists around the world. 
   Natchanok is also an active vocalist. She has received First Prize from Golden Classical Music Awards and is going to perform at Carnegie Hall on 21st December 2022, Gold Prize from TMFYA-Thailand Music Festival for Young Artist, Gold Prize from International Youth Music 
Competitions and Second Place from Wien 2022 International Young Musicians Music Competition, Category: 7-9 years old, Austria. 
   Natchanok is also a keen horse rider and school swim team member. She always enjoys playing violin, horse dressage, reading, and playing tennis in her free time. Her passion for music, sport and literature reinforces her strong confidence in her social life and academia.  

Natchanok Chonlacoop's Performance

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