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Wei Li



Extraordinary piano educator in LA

Professional ABRSM piano teacher

Child Education Psychology Specialist

As an expert pianist, Wei has provided lessons in piano, and music theory since 1997. She’s shared her love for music and piano with students as young as 3 years old, as well as adults.

In her lessons, Wei focuses on the development of a child as a whole. As piano playing involve all our senses, her
teachings encompass a solid understanding of proper technique, precise tone production, expressive playing and reading music. She also creates a positive and nurturing learning environment with her enthusiastic, patient and encouraging approach.

In 2016, Wei founded and established the Diamond Education Center in the city of Los Angeles. The center’s high-quality piano instruction is well recognized by local children and parents alike. In 2018, The Diamond Education Center introduced the Autism Care of Excellence Programs (ACEP). ACEP was designed solely for and committed to autism music rehabilitation research, and offers music therapy courses for children with autism starting at a young age. As large percentages of children with autism deal with sensory issues, music which by nature is multi-sensory, can encourage the child’s sensory development. Children in these programs benefit from a music education, just like any other child.

Wei’s teaching philosophy emphasizes understanding the technical basics of music, which works to ensure long-term success for her students interested in music related careers. During her years teaching, Wei has helped numerous students prepare and ace the ABRSM tests.

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