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Candice Tsai


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Candice Tsai, As a dedicated Music Director at "PianoVa" and the esteemed host of "The Los Angeles Young Musician Piano Concert" my musical journey commenced at the age of 4. Through unwavering dedication, I have consistently achieved excellence, securing victories in numerous competitions at the esteemed Hong Kong Music Festival. A testament to my early talent, I accomplished the challenging feat of passing the Grade 8 examination from ABRSM at the tender age of 11. My unwavering commitment to the craft led me to pursue a formal education, culminating in a degree in piano performance from Cal Poly Pomona. With an illustrious teaching career spanning over a decade, beginning in 2013, I have had the privilege of imparting my extensive knowledge to countless students. My multifaceted experience in both teaching and performance positions me as a seasoned professional, uniquely equipped to guide and inspire emerging pianists on their musical journeys.

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