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2023 Live Piano Competition



The 2023 Pacific Starts Live Competition will be held IN-PERSON in Los Angeles from June 24-June 25.

June 24th / Regional Round

Age Categories

Protégé A: Age 6 and under: (1-2 Free Selection, 3 Minutes Maximum)

Protégé B: Age 7-8: (1-2 Free Selection, 3 Minutes Maximum)

Junior A: Age 9-10: (One Free Selection, 4 Minutes Maximum)

Junior B: Age 11-12: (One Free Selection, 4 Minutes Maximum)

Young Artist A: Age 13-15: (One Free Selection, 5 Minutes Maximum)

Young Artist B: Age 16-18+: (One Free Selection, 5 Minutes Maximum)

Composer Categories (4 minutes Max)

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 2.56.05 PM.png

June 25th / Final Round

Each category's top two prize winners will be invited to participate in the Final Round. Participants can choose the same or different repertoire from the Regional Round.

The final round time limit is 6 minutes, 1-2 free selections.

Final Round Category: 
Category A: 7-9
Category B: 10 – 12
Category C: 13 – 15
Category D: 16 and older

(NOTE: Age 6 and under has one round ONLY)


The Final Round Fee is $60 for Solo

Application Fee

Early Bird Application Fee (March 1st - April 30th)

Age Categories: $110

Composer Categories: $110

Regular Application Fee (May 1st - June 10th)

Age Categories: $120

Composer Categories: $120

The deadline for the Application is on June 10th.


Please Apply through the application button below. 

Contestants can sign up to 3 categories.

For example, one age category and two composer categories, or 3 composer categories.

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