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Lin Liu


Lin Liu Photo.JPG

Ms. Liu graduated from Shenyang Conservatory of Music, majoring in music education. After graduation, she continued to improve her piano playing and analysis skills with Russian piano educators Rima Saraulova and Galina Volodina. 


In Shenyang China, Ms. Liu was honored to become a student of Mr. Liu Ning, is a famous pianist in the United States and a famous Chinese piano educator. She learned the piano teaching method under Mr. Liu for many years and continued to improve the more rigorous teaching system besides piano performance. 


In Shenyang, Ms. Liu is widely liked by parents for her excellent teaching methods, teaching enthusiasm and teaching attitude. Ms. Liu has been absorbing the essence of Chinese and American music education systems, integrating the two different cultural and educational backgrounds and different aspects of music performance again and again, and constantly polishing his own teaching method.


During the 18 years of teaching, many excellent piano children have been cultivated by Lin Liu, many of students were invited to perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York as 1st place winners. Her students are also competing in the Cambridge International Music Competition, IMOLA International Piano Competition, America Protege International Piano Competition, Muse International Piano Competition, WPTA Finland International Piano Competition, and Melodia Global Piano Championship, Global the Best Bach performance, and won the first prize. Her students have won first place in prestigious piano competitions such as SYMF, DBPAC, and IAPMT in California.

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